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Italian Kitchen Designs for a Modern House

Posted: October 26th, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: italian kitchens | 1 Comment »

modern italian kitchen 300x262 Italian Kitchen Designs for a Modern HouseThere is nothing more comforting to a city dweller than an image of a traditional Italian kitchen full of family and simmering pots of time-honored dishes. During our time working in Brooklyn, NY we have seen Italian kitchens become more and more popular with homeowners. Of course it would be hard to say that there is only one type of Italian kitchen décor, after all Italy is a modern and diverse nation. However, when most people refer to this type of kitchen, they indicate the traditional rustic style.  These types of kitchens could be found in the Tuscan countryside in houses overlooking hundred year old olive tree fields.  These kitchens often use natural elements and convey the influences of the countryside.  In many ways, the traditional Italian kitchen is the opposite of the modern sleek style that has also become popular in the last few years. The Italian kitchen embraces the charm associated with the old world by creating a deep sense of tradition and warmth.

When creating a perfect Italian kitchen one should never be afraid of creating some clutter and disorder. It does not mean that a sense of design goes out of the window! Instead these types of kitchens require an even keener sense of the underlying motive. In a perfect Italian kitchen there might be some clash of colors, some outdated appliances, and even some tired looking furniture, but the overall effect should always be fresh and welcoming.

Typically Italian style kitchens allow for a lot of flexibility in the actual choice of appliances, furniture and colors.  But if you are looking for a very traditional appearance, we suggest you use lots of bright and natural colors. Look towards the Italian countryside for inspiration. Use lots of warm yellow and orange tones as a way to mimic a beautiful sunrise and sunset. Use blue for the sky and green for the foliage found all over Tuscany. Finally, allow the colors to come together in unusual ways, for example by putting red and green next to each. This will allow colors to pop and create a sense of liveliness. When creating a perfect Italian kitchen in Brooklyn, you must not be afraid to experiment and allow yourself to go a step further than feels comfortable. Whenever possible utilize the already natural and rustic parts of your house. You can play up a wall by exposing the underlying brick or by exposing a few well chosen beams. You can add a fireplace or a beautiful hardwood floor if you are willing to invest a bit more into the project. You can also look for furniture that has an appearance of being in your family for generations.  This is often hard to find in modern stores, but it is well worth the search. Finally, make sure to keep everything in moderation. It is important to find a balance between the old and the new. After all this will be kitchen designed for the 21st century, and it should have all of the modern conveniences that you have come to love and depend upon.

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