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Kitchen Designs Popular This year

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This year has been a special year, the home improvement suffered a lot this year due to the economic conditions we were faced with, with that being said we had a very strong and powerful year. This year we were able to start and finish numerous projects including and not limited to working on the Pencil Factory, a 93 unit building in Greenpoint, a 1200 square foot home extension and interior renovation, and a full interior re-design of a small studio in Park Slope. 2009 was a great year for us here at Artistic Kitchen Designs and we are looking forward to making 2010 a better year!

With all that being said I wanted to take the time and introduce you the projects we worked on this year. The Pencil Factory is a 93 unit residential rehab, we are contracted to supply the kitchens and the bathroom vanities.  With Phase 1 of the project being installed as I write this we will take a few pictures and put it up on the blog for everyone one to see. Phase 2 of the kitchens are going to be ordered in the next few days, and its been an exciting year to work with the architects and interior designer on this project.

The 1200 square foot extension and interior home renovation took place in Long Island’s famous Five Towns area. The home needed to be retrofit with a custom steel beam to support the upper floors and we worked hand in hand with the engineers to come up with a solution that would blow your mind. It was hard to shimmy up the beam to the existing floor without jeopardizing the higher floors and risking the entire structure collapsing. The method we used was to install temporary column supports that we needed to support all the way down to the foundation, and then we proceeded to remove chinks out of the existing beams to be able to slide and reinforce the steel beam into place. But with all that behind us we achieved an open floor plan that spaced over 18 feet! On this project we also designed the kitchen to suit the rest of the house. Pictures are coming in the next few days!

Last but not least the interior redesign of a small Park Slope studio, on this project we actually had to dig down 2 feet to lower the floor and increase the height of the ceiling. This process took us nearly 4 days to dig down because each bucket of soil needed to be hand removed from the apartment. A tedious task that we tackeled, but the out come speaks for it self:

kitchens 069 300x168 Kitchen Designs Popular This year

Studio KitchenKitchen Design

Artistic Kitchen Designs would like to introduce to a new line of Italian furniture.

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Good morning, afternoon, and evening!

We at AKD Inc. would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a new line of Italian designed furniture that that became available to us today! Welcome Bontempi Casa! It is our pleasure to bring our customers the best of all worlds, a custom furniture manufacture as well as a quick-ship Italian furniture line. Bontempi offers a 10-day in stock QuikShip option on most of its styles. As well as having stock here in the states they also offer us the ability to manufacture custom sizes for most of their styles. Take a look at a few of thier offerings and let us know what you think. See a full catalog Italian Furniture Catalog.

italian bar stools Artistic Kitchen Designs would like to introduce to a new line of Italian furniture.

Lez Line – Aviable in Mutiple Colors and finishes.

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Italian Traditional Kitchens – Different Options to Choose From

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Italian traditional kitchens have always been incredibly popular and the trend continues to be on the rise. These kitchens are not designed just as an area for storage or to cook, but are in fact a lifestyle. Italian kitchens are put together as a place where the family can come together, drink, plan menus or even just carry on every day conversation. While many kitchens are cluttered and closed off, these modern kitchens are spacious, open ended and have a wonderfully inviting atmosphere.

italian kitchens Italian Traditional Kitchens   Different Options to Choose From

Italian Kitchens

There are many inherent and unique aspects that are and have always been a part of traditional Italian kitchen design. While many of these aspects remain the same from design to design, there are also a number of options that you can choose from when designing or remodeling your current kitchen. There are a few seemingly constant design ideas including marble counters, terracotta flooring, big windows and even extravagant columns but you are not restricted by these choices in any way. In many ways, your options when it comes to designing a traditional Italian kitchen are quite endless.

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Italian Kitchen Designs – Popular Around the World

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Many homeowners today still perceive European kitchen designs to be chunky and expensive. However, this is not true with Italian kitchen designs. Designs from Italy has always been in the forefront. Every year, Italian kitchen designs are showcased in International exhibitions all over the world, and they have received excellent feedback. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why this remains to be true today.

 Italian Kitchen Designs   Popular Around the World

Modern Italian Kitchen

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Kitchen Remodeling and Renovation – Popular Designs and Approaches

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The kitchen is one of the most important room in the home. As the homeowner, you are likely to spend a large amount of time in it, preparing meals for yourself and your family. Perhaps that is why homeowners tend to spend a larger amount of time when it comes to kitchen modeling and renovation.

In the market today, there are a wide variety of designs to choose from. Most homeowners simple choose a thematic design. For example, you can choose to have a contemporary design, an Italian design, or a traditional design. The design that you choose depends on your existing interior design, as well as your own personal tastes and preferences. If you are special tastes, you may wish to consider having a custom design.

So where do you start, and how do you choose from the wide range of designs?

The most popular choice in today’s market is the contemporary design. Within this category, there are several choices to choose from. But they share similar characteristics. For instance, contemporary designs are mostly simple and elegant looking. There is not much bells and whistles, and kitchens with such designs tend to look modern, practical and functional.

Some homeowners believe that contemporary come in largely similar designs. Therefore, the appearances of the kitchens are more or less the same. However, you may be surprised to find that contemporary designs can look very different. A skillful play with lights and colors can make all the difference in the world. It all comes down to the skills and creativity of the contractor that you hire.

Recommended approach to adopt when hiring contractors.

Besides designs, you also have to face the challenge of hiring the right contractor to complete the project for you. So what is the best approach to adopt?

Some homeowners like to request for quotations straight away. That is jumping the gun. Try not to request for quotations first. Always do some background checks on the contractors that you are hiring.

For example, ask for previous samples of projects that have been completed. Ask questions about one or two projects – i.e. how the designing process flows, and how much time it takes to complete the project, etc. From the responses, you will be able to make a quick assessment.

You can always ask for references from people you know. Those with a good reputation in the marketplace are more likely to provide quality services. In addition, keep a look out for award winning contractors. Prestigious awards usually means that a contractor has been recognized for excellent work.

Finally, never base your decisions on price alone. Many homeowners run into problems with their contractors later on because they choose the cheapest quote.

A kitchen remodeling project may appear simple, but it’s actually not. There are a few components involved – kitchen cabinets, accessories, designs, lighting, and equipment. If you hire the wrong contractor, you may end up with unsatisfactory results. So make sure you spend more time on your due diligence.

Choosing Materials For Your New Kitchen Cabinets

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In the previous article we explained the basic kitchen cabinet construction and the elementary choices an owner has to make when remodeling their kitchen. In this article, we would like to further explain the different kitchen cabinet options and the materials most suitable for your type of project. We at the Artistic Kitchen Designs (located in Brooklyn, NY) have compiled some of the latest trends in kitchen designs that should meet all of your needs.

When deciding on the type of material to use for your new kitchen cabinets consider your family needs, your budget, and the latest design developments. While choosing the materials for your cabinets you should decide if you want to use wood, metal or laminate. All of the materials have their own unique benefits and drawbacks, and you should carefully evaluate your options. For example wood is a very versatile material and can be painted or stained any color of your choosing. However, wood also has a tendency to warp over time and to lose its shape. This might be a particularly big problem in warm climates or areas that undergo significant yearly climate changes. On the other hand, metal cabinets are less versatile and tend to show scratches or fingerprints quite easily. But nevertheless this might be a good option for families, since these cabinets are extremely easy to clean and are highly durable. The last and the least expensive option would be laminated cabinets. Laminated cabinets are actually made from layers of craft paper and plastic sealant. The obvious advantage of laminated cabinets is the price and the limitless color options. However, the disadvantage of using this material is the relatively short shelf-life and the fact that they are almost impossible to repair ones they have been damaged.      

After choosing the materials for your kitchen cabinets you must also consider the type of finish you want for your base. If you have chosen laminated cabinets then you are done, since they already come in a specific colors pre-selected by you. Conversely, if you chose wood or metal you still must decide not only on the color but also on the final finish. With wood you will have to decide between leaving the wood in its natural state or painting it with an opaque color. If you leave the wood in its natural state you will be able to see the wood grain through the varnish. Certain types of woods are quite beautiful and could be showcased wonderfully with the right stain and varnish. Other types of woods are less striking and would be best displayed with a coat of opaque paint. On the other hand, if you have decided to go with metal, your choices for a finishes are a bit more limited. There are different types of metals that could be used for cabinets, but usually people use stainless steel. However, if you want to decrease the visual impact of totally stainless steel kitchen you can add some wood or other unique materials (ex. glass, ceramic, other metals) to parts of your kitchen.

Please keep in mind that although we have described some of your options when it comes to your new kitchen cabinets, this is only the beginning! There are limitless combinations of materials and some very unique finishes available to the particularly selective consumers.          

Italian Kitchen Designs for a Modern House

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modern italian kitchen 300x262 Italian Kitchen Designs for a Modern HouseThere is nothing more comforting to a city dweller than an image of a traditional Italian kitchen full of family and simmering pots of time-honored dishes. During our time working in Brooklyn, NY we have seen Italian kitchens become more and more popular with homeowners. Of course it would be hard to say that there is only one type of Italian kitchen décor, after all Italy is a modern and diverse nation. However, when most people refer to this type of kitchen, they indicate the traditional rustic style.  These types of kitchens could be found in the Tuscan countryside in houses overlooking hundred year old olive tree fields.  These kitchens often use natural elements and convey the influences of the countryside.  In many ways, the traditional Italian kitchen is the opposite of the modern sleek style that has also become popular in the last few years. The Italian kitchen embraces the charm associated with the old world by creating a deep sense of tradition and warmth.

When creating a perfect Italian kitchen one should never be afraid of creating some clutter and disorder. It does not mean that a sense of design goes out of the window! Instead these types of kitchens require an even keener sense of the underlying motive. In a perfect Italian kitchen there might be some clash of colors, some outdated appliances, and even some tired looking furniture, but the overall effect should always be fresh and welcoming.

Typically Italian style kitchens allow for a lot of flexibility in the actual choice of appliances, furniture and colors.  But if you are looking for a very traditional appearance, we suggest you use lots of bright and natural colors. Look towards the Italian countryside for inspiration. Use lots of warm yellow and orange tones as a way to mimic a beautiful sunrise and sunset. Use blue for the sky and green for the foliage found all over Tuscany. Finally, allow the colors to come together in unusual ways, for example by putting red and green next to each. This will allow colors to pop and create a sense of liveliness. When creating a perfect Italian kitchen in Brooklyn, you must not be afraid to experiment and allow yourself to go a step further than feels comfortable. Whenever possible utilize the already natural and rustic parts of your house. You can play up a wall by exposing the underlying brick or by exposing a few well chosen beams. You can add a fireplace or a beautiful hardwood floor if you are willing to invest a bit more into the project. You can also look for furniture that has an appearance of being in your family for generations.  This is often hard to find in modern stores, but it is well worth the search. Finally, make sure to keep everything in moderation. It is important to find a balance between the old and the new. After all this will be kitchen designed for the 21st century, and it should have all of the modern conveniences that you have come to love and depend upon.

The Latest Trends in Kitchen Designs

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In most of today’s households the kitchen is the center of the family life.  The kitchen is where we prepare our meals, where we gather together as a family and spend time with our guests. A good kitchen design is practical and allows us to carry out our life in a most seamless way possible. But that does not mean we should give up on style! A kitchen can be both practical and beautiful. A designer kitchen should accommodate all of your family’s needs, while also creating a beautiful environment for you and your guests.  We at the Artistic Kitchen Designs (located in Brooklyn, NY) have compiled some of the latest trends in kitchen designs that should meet all of your needs.

The biggest trend this season is not a particular-themed design, but a highly unique and individualized kitchen that reflects the character of the homeowner. Magazine editors are encouraging individuals to make bold style choices that reflect their personalities. This might mean mixing a few styles to achieve a truly unique designer kitchen. For example, you might like the look of a traditional style kitchen, but prefer the simplicity of a modern décor. Now you can mix the two styles by using a traditional wood finish, but also utilizing shelves that minimize clutter. The possibilities are truly endless and you should feel free to play around with the options.

A kitchen is nothing without a great set of appliances. Today’s appliances allow you customize your kitchen as much or as little as you need. Many homeowners choose to get two sets of appliances in order to streamline their kitchens. For years designers have been installing two dishwashers into their designer kitchens, but the latest trend takes it even further. Homeowners who love to entertain or have big families are encouraged to get two stoves for their new kitchens. In addition to these more traditional choices, homeowners can also upgrade to warming drawers, three-bowl sinks and stovetop barbecue grills. The overall theme this season is the focus on highly practical kitchens that create a uniquely-beautiful atmosphere for their users.        

Choosing the Perfect Cabinets for Your New Kitchen

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So you have decided that you need a new kitchen. You have wanted to make a change for a while, and you are finally ready to make that commitment. Great! Our knowledgeable staff at the Artistic Kitchen Designs located in Brooklyn, NY is ready to help you with this important project. Many people who decide to remodel their kitchens feel lost and don’t know where to begin. Well the most important decision you can make is to pick your kitchen cabinets. This might seem like an easy enough proposition, but there are hundreds of styles and finishes to choose from and will require a bit of research. When making the decision consider your family needs, the climate you live in and the style you want to project.

Kitchen cabinets come in two basic types: face-frame and frameless cabinets. Face-frame cabinets have a hardwood frame on the face of the cabinet and create a very classic cabinet appearance. These are the cabinets that are typically used in the American homes. Frameless cabinets don’t have such frames and allow the builder to create a more seamless-streamlined look. This is the style most often used by the European builders. The style you should choose depends on the look you want to create for your kitchen.  A more modern look would probably require a frameless construction, but a traditional kitchen would look great with a face-framed cabinets.

The appearance of the cabinet doors is the second most important decision you can make. After all, this would be the face of your kitchen, the first thing a visitor will see when entering the room. The cabinet doors come in all designs and finishes. When making this decision, consider your budget and your kitchen needs. Keep in mind that if you are on a budget, you can choose lacquer or vinyl as two great alternatives to pricey wood or metal finishes. If you live on a beach or in a very humid environment, you should think about investing in stainless steel cabinets because these hold-up much better in such conditions. If you have young children in the house, consider investing in a finish that would allow you to take off dirt quickly and easily. Finally, don’t forget about all of the extras that make a kitchen truly unique.  You can choose among a countless number of hinges, knobs, and light fixtures to compliment your new kitchen design.

Key Things to Consider When Designing a New Kitchen

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When faced with a prospect of remodeling their glaringly outdated kitchens, most homeowners get lost in the dozens of decisions they have to make over the span of the project.  After doing a countless number of kitchen remodeling projects in Brooklyn, New York we can offer some time tested advice to these homeowners.  Artistic Kitchen Designs staff has worked on all types of kitchens, ranging from ultra-modern to a more traditional family oriented décor. As a result the following strategies can apply to any homeowner, and can make any remodeling project more efficient.

Before signing a remodeling contract and allowing a building crew to start working on your house, a responsible homeowner must analyze their own particular needs. A modern style kitchen might be all the rage in your community, but it still might not be the right choice for you and your family. If you have a big family with lots of children and grandchildren in the house, a modern minimalistic kitchen might not be practical. Instead you should request a kitchen that is more traditional in appearance and allows for lots of storage. On the other hand, if you are a single individual living in a house, well then a minimalistic look might help you keep the kitchen in a tip-top shape by reducing clutter and upkeep time. The most important thing to keep in mind when starting a kitchen remodeling project is your own unique needs and responsibilities. It is up to you to analyze your must-haves!

After you have decided on the general look of your kitchen, the next step is to peruse the dozens of magazines and online articles that show you examples of the latest looks and gadgets. A responsible kitchen design company would be willing to work with you on an individual basis, and address any questions or concerns that might come up from your research. There are of course hundreds if not thousands of gadgets and design patterns out there, but a good kitchen design company would help you to narrow your focus to the products that best suit your unique needs. In general, you should always go with a company that would be able to provide you with the latest trends in your home state. Artistic Kitchen Design staff has particular expertise in kitchen remodeling projects in Brooklyn and the greater New York area. 

Once you have chosen the contractor for your project and created a general plan for your new kitchen, be sure to remain flexible during the building phase. Even the best laid plans might go wrong at some point. You might hate the color of the granite you have chosen or discover that you prefer a bigger sink. The most important thing is to remain calm in such a situation and immediately communicate your preferences to your contractor. Unless your changes are quite drastic, a contractor should be able to accommodate some changes for a reasonable fee.